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A Hampshire County Council Walking Bus

This is a public liability insurance which provides cover in relation to legal liabilities incurred towards participants of the walking bus as a result of injury or death to any third party and/or damage to their property.  There is no personal accident cover for the children which is the same as when they are in school.  There is a personal accident scheme for the adults/volunteers who are classed as employees for the purposes of a HCC walking bus (please ask for a copy of the scheme and see rule18).  Any claim that the walking bus might have would be in the first instance against the third party.  HCC should however be notified of any incident so a record can be kept.

An informal Walking Bus with insurance through the National Confederation of  Parent Teacher Associations (NCPTA)

Under the NCPTA insurance, the bus is covered by public liability insurance.  There is no personal accident cover for the children.  The adult helpers are covered by a personal accident scheme, however, it is restricted  to loss of earnings. 

An informal Walking Bus which is an arrangement between parents

There would be no insurance from HCC or the NCPTA.  It would be up to parents to research what cover they could purchase, if they thought it necessary.

Image of a walking bus