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walking bus logoParent Teachers Association (PTA) insurance

  • NCPTA summary 2011

  • Many Parent Teacher Associations (PTA) take out insurance with the National Confederation of Parent Teacher Associations and there is no additional cost to provide cover for walking buses

  • If the school belongs to the National Confederation of Parent Teacher Associations (NCPTA) with a 'Friends of .......... School' arrangement then the association is open to anyone who has an interest in the school. If the school has a PA then only parents/guardians can be members and if a PTA then only parents/guardians and teachers can be members. The walking bus would be owned and managed by either the 'Friends of ...', the PA or the PTA.  All references to the PTA in this information also apply to 'Friends of...' and the PA.

  • Members are not asked to inform the NCPTA  of any activities that they run unless they have a specific query about it, if they are unsure that they can comply or if it is a hazardous activity.  Then they are asked to be notify the NCPTA to see if it can be covered by their policy.  It would be advisable to inform the NCPTA of your intention to run a walking bus.

  • A full risk assessment of the route must be carried out by the PTA.  If a Hampshire County Council (HCC) route assessment has been approved then it is only applicable to a HCC walking bus. The responsibility lies with the PTA to produce their own route assessment.  This must be kept in the PTA’s file and it is advisable to keep a copy on file at school, as the insurers will want to see it in the case of an incident.

  • The insurers do not stipulate the wearing of fluorescent/reflective clothing, the size of the bus or adult to child ratios.  These should be established by the PTA’s risk assessment. Good/best practice would say that at least the front and back of the bus should be easily seen.

  • The insurers do not stipulate any set procedure about Criminal Records Bureau (CRB) checks, however, on advice that the NCPTA has received,  members are informed that parents (and friends) who are left alone with children should be CRB checked, as should the trustees if they are a charity.

  • Teachers and parents by default become members of the association that is insured automatically but it is worth naming them in minutes as evidence that they are not acting off their own back.

  • 'Friends of ...' should certainly be recorded in the same way as anyone could act off their own back and claim to be a member.
  • The bus is covered by public liability insurance.  There is no personal accident cover for the children.  The adult helpers are covered by a personal accident scheme, however, it is restricted  to loss of earnings.  www.ncpta.org.uk

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