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Ideas for Working Group

In order to get varied input, suggestions and support from a cross-section of representative users of the school, it is a good idea to establish a working party and set clear guidelines on what you hope to achieve by developing a School Travel Plan for your school.

You will need a “champion” of the group, who could be the head teacher, another member of staff,Cartoon image of a working group meeting governor or parent/guardian.  This person oversees the project to make sure the elements of the plan all come together to produce the final document.

Even if your group is small in size, it is also worth keeping interested parties up to date with events and progress of the scheme.  The working group should try to meet at regular intervals, so everyone is clear on the stage the process has reached.

Please find below a list of suggested working group members and consultees.

School community

Headteacher/other teachers and staff

School governors

School Council

Caretaker/facilities manager



Community Head (if there is one)

Interested parties in the local community

Linked schools

Local district council

Local residents

Parish / town council/s


Local businesses

Local bus operators

Hampshire County Council contacts

School Travel Plan Adviser

Road Safety Team

Healthy Schools Co-ordinator

Local County Councillor