World AIDS Day

This World Aids Day (1 December) Hampshire County Council is urging people to eliminate stigma and unite in supporting people with HIV. Stigma and discrimination can have life-changing consequences for those diagnosed with HIV although not everyone is equipped with facts on how to protect themselves and others

Nov 29 2019

We know that living with HIV can cause anxiety about the reaction of others and that one in five people living with the virus say that they have needed help with loneliness. Sadly, three quarters of people with HIV who report loneliness and isolation, say they have not been able to find help.

Despite scientific advances in understanding and treating HIV there is still a need to improve education regarding the condition. World Aids Day serves to remind the wider community that HIV still exists, to raise awareness of the need for testing and to break down stigma.

Last year 4,453 people in the UK were diagnosed with HIV. Knowing your HIV status is important as early diagnosis is key to getting effective treatment for a normal life expectancy and to avoid passing the virus on to others.

Hampshire residents can order a free HIV test postal kit, or can find further information from Solent Sexual Health Service.