Improvements to a key route in Basingstoke approved by Hampshire County Council

Capacity and safety improvements have been approved for the A33 South Drive junction at Sherfield-On-Loddon, in Basingstoke

Jul 2 2020

Councillor Rob Humby, Deputy Leader of Hampshire County Council and Executive Member for Economy, Transport and Environment, gave the go ahead for the £397,000 scheme, near Sherfield School, at his recent Decision Day.

He said: “With anticipated traffic growth in the area, particularly due to current and future housing developments nearby, traffic volume on the A33 corridor is expected to increase. In response to this, the County Council has recently delivered significant capacity improvement schemes at a number of junctions on the A33 to the north of Basingstoke. This scheme for the A33/South Drive junction will upgrade one of the remaining bottlenecks on the corridor, thereby resolving the localised congestion issue and improving journey times along the A33 corridor. This will add value to the significant investment made at the other key junctions to the south.”

The proposed scheme will provide a dedicated right-turn lane at the A33 junction with South Drive, the access to Sherfield School, to reduce the queuing and delays that right turning vehicles generate on the northbound A33. This will improve the flow of A33 northbound traffic. The scheme will widen the existing road around the junction to provide the extra space for the right-turn lane. It will also deliver drainage improvements, along with resurfacing of the existing road surface around the junction.

Work on A33 South Drive junction at Sherfield-On-Loddon is due to begin later this summer.

For more information please visit the scheme web pages: