Dame Mary Fagan House to be released by Hampshire County Council

Hampshire County Council has identified that some or all of Dame Mary Fagan House, in Lutyens Close, Basingstoke, could be released as part of the County Council’s current accommodation review

Aug 3 2023

The three-storey office building currently accommodates a range of services that provide support to children and families, including a Disabled Children's Team and a Youth Offending Team, among others; and some others that provide outreach services to support people in their own home, for example following discharge from hospital, or supporting people with disabilities. There are also various teams that provide specialist services to schools, including educational psychologists and finance services.  
Many of these areas spend a significant proportion of time working in the community with people who need them, enabled by technology, and no longer need the same amount of office space. The building is not being used to capacity and the County Council is therefore reviewing its future accommodation requirements. 
The building has come under review in recent months as the County Council considers its office accommodation needs across the county, to help find ways to reduce running costs. Like many organisations, the Authority has been working differently since the Covid-19 pandemic, creating an opportunity for significant savings on the cost of running offices.  
Some floors of Dame Mary Fagan House are already leased to other partner organisations, and the County Council is now considering offering the other floors for lease, or even selling the building altogether.  
Leader of Hampshire County Council, Councillor Rob Humby, said: “We have always carefully monitored the use of our offices to ensure they remain cost-effective, and to release savings whenever possible. This provides us with opportunities to further modernise and streamline our operations where it may be possible, but we also remain mindful of our role in the local economy, and the needs of local residents and our partners. 
“Dame Mary Fagan House is a large building, and following considered review, we are looking at how it fits our future needs. The services that we currently run from this building could be delivered very effectively through alternative accommodation in the Basingstoke area and made easier for people to get to. 
“Our staff in the building are aware that they may relocate in future and are being kept informed as plans progress. We have always closely monitored our accommodation needs, and made changes to our provision in the past, ensuring relocations are made without disruption to local services or to our residents.”