Don't face money worries alone - support is at hand

To mark this year's Talk Money Week (6-10 November 2023), Hampshire County Council is encouraging residents who are concerned about their financial situation to reach out and get the help they need

Nov 3 2023

Whether it's managing expenses, accessing benefits, handling debt, or finding support for mental health, there are services available to residents struggling with the cost of living.

Councillor Liz Fairhurst the Executive Lead Member for Adult Services and Public Health at Hampshire County Council, said: "It's completely understandable to experience feelings of anxiety when dealing with money worries or debt. Making money conversations part of our daily lives can boost financial confidence and prepare us for whatever challenges the future may bring.

"As we head into the colder months and the cost of staying warm and well increases, it becomes even more important that people who are struggling with their finances reach out and get help. Conversations about money can be challenging, regardless of our financial circumstances, but for those who are burdened by debt, discussing money worries can be even more daunting. Talking about problems is the first step towards improving financial management and reducing stress and anxiety."

In addition to the help available from people’s own banks and utility companies, Hampshire residents concerned about their finances are encouraged to visit the ‘cost of living and money worries’ advice page on the Connect to Support Hampshire website - which signposts to a wide range of trusted, free local and national support and advice services.

Further information is available from the County Council’s Cost of Living web pages. As well as debt and finance support, these pages bring together a variety of information to help people keep well over winter, such as advice for keeping homes warm, details about meals on wheels and school meals, as well as advice for maintaining physical and mental wellbeing during challenging times. Practical support with food and heating costs from the government’s Household Support Fund is also available to eligible residents and details can be found on the connect4communities website.

Talk Money Week is held each year to encourage the public to have more open conversations about their money – from pocket money to pensions – and continue these conversations all year-round.