Plenty of time to register your vehicle for ongoing free access to Hampshire’s Household Waste Recycling Centres

Over 150,000 Hampshire residents’ vehicles have already been registered online over the last two weeks, ahead of the launch of a new permit system later this year by Hampshire County Council – giving Hampshire residents continued, automatic free access to Hampshire Household Waste Recycling Centres (HWRCs)

Jan 7 2020

The new system will be controlled by Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) and will ensure continued free access for Hampshire residents to any of Hampshire’s 24 HWRCs to dispose of household waste, while access for non-Hampshire residents (excluding Dorset Council residents) will be for a fee of £5 per visit.

Councillor Rob Humby, Executive Member for Economy, Transport and Environment, said: “Thank you to all Hampshire residents who have registered their vehicles so far.  There is still plenty of time to register, and once Hampshire residents have done this, they will see no change when they next visit a Hampshire HWRC.  We’re bringing in this system because I am keen we find a way that provides effective and environmentally practicable options for residents who live close to Hampshire’s borders, to continue to access the HWRCs, but in a way that is fairer to Hampshire residents who pay for the cost of the service through their council tax.”

An update on Hampshire County Council’s work around access to Household Waste Recycling Centres (HWRCs) across county borders will be considered by Councillor Humby at his next Decision Day on 14 January.  This report includes a recommendation for a start date of 1 April for the new system to become operational.

Councillor Humby explained: “Since some neighbouring authorities began to put in place plans to ban people not living in their administrative areas from using their HWRCs, and the knock-on effect this has had, we have been in discussions with authorities bordering Hampshire on how to ensure people can continue to use the HWRC most convenient to them.

“While we advocated a position of maintaining access for all residents to their nearest HWRC, regardless of where they lived, it was not possible to come to an agreement in a way that recognised the costs borne by the council dealing with the waste, despite our best efforts. Other local authorities face similar financial challenges to us and so I completely understand how different councils have taken different approaches to meet local circumstances.

“A number of them have already implemented a ban on Hampshire residents using HWRCs in their areas.  This is not our intention in Hampshire – instead, a charge of £5 per visit for non-Hampshire residents will be introduced from the spring to offset the £500,000 annual cost of dealing with waste from non-Hampshire residents visiting our sites. This will contribute to our drive to manage costs across all services to help bridge the shortfall in our budget due to reductions in our funding from Government, rising costs and inflation, and growing demand for council services.”

Hampshire residents, including those who live in Southampton and Portsmouth, are able to register for free access to any Hampshire HWRC here 

There is no registration required for access to the Paulsgrove HWRC in Portsmouth.

Hampshire residents who already hold a van or trailer permit do not need to re-register that particular vehicle.  

For residents without internet access, please call 0300 555 1389 to register.

Dorset Council residents do not need to register or take any action. Separate arrangements have been made for residents in the Dorset Council administrative area. Further details will be available in the spring.