County Council considers overhaul of waste system to improve recycling and reduce costs

A radical review of how waste is managed in Hampshire to improve recycling and save costs will be considered by Hampshire County Council when it meets this week

Nov 6 2019

Speaking ahead of the County Council meeting on Thursday 7 November, Councillor Rob Humby, Hampshire County Council’s Deputy Leader and Executive Member for Economy, Transport and Environment, said: “We believe that a full and thorough overhaul of how waste is managed in Hampshire is the right thing to do. 

“Our aim is to improve recycling and waste management services in Hampshire which will have a positive impact on the environment, as well as helping us achieve necessary financial savings. This is what local residents expect and follows the direction set by Government in recent announcements on the new national Waste Strategy.”

The meeting will discuss changes to the waste system as part of a financial strategy designed to meet an anticipated £80 million budget shortfall by April 2021.  The shortfall is due to rising costs and inflation, growing demand for council services such as social care from an ageing population, and higher numbers of vulnerable children needing care. 

Councillor Humby added: “By looking at Hampshire’s approach to waste as a whole,  and working collaboratively with our council partners to boost recycling performance and improve waste collection and management arrangements, we can ensure that waste and recycling in Hampshire are environmentally and economically sustainable for all partners for the future. I welcome the constructive approach from Hampshire’s local district and borough councils who are responsible for kerbside waste collections.  Only a radical overhaul of the system will deliver the results we all want, and we are keen to see tangible progress working with our district colleagues as we agree a joint way forward.” 

“We know from our work on the Hampshire 2050 Commission of Inquiry, which examined what would most impact on Hampshire’s quality of life and prosperity for future generations, that the biggest threat to the county is the impact of climate change.  Therefore, we must ensure environmental impacts and considerations are truly embedded in the work we all do, and how we do it.  

“Modernising Hampshire’s waste system is a key component to this, and it is vital we have the right systems and funding arrangements in place to meet Government targets and future demand.”