Plugging in more electric vehicles – tells us your views

Hampshire County Council is asking residents their views on electric vehicle charging points to support a bid for national funding to improve charging infrastructure for residents

Aug 7 2020

Hampshire County Council’s Deputy Leader and Executive Member for Environment and Transport, Rob Humby, said: “Transport is one of the largest sources of carbon emissions in Hampshire, and we know that electric vehicles reduce emissions – bringing better air quality, offering drivers considerable savings on fuel costs, and of course, improving our carbon footprint.” 

The County Council is asking current and potential drivers of electric vehicles, who may not have access to off-street parking to charge their vehicles, a few questions to establish where demand is greatest. 

Councillor Humby continued: “We’re looking at all options, such as using existing street light columns, charging hubs and electric vehicle bays, and would very much welcome the views of residents to establish demand, and what we can do help them make the switch to electric vehicles.”

The County Council has already installed a number of charge points across the county and is investigating the possibility of installing additional publicly available charge points in on-street locations to increase the numbers and connectivity of the charging network. 

The short survey is aimed at those who already have or are considering changing to an electric vehicle who may not have access to off-street parking to charge their vehicles.  The County Council is asking for responses to help inform a funding bid to Government.

Take part in the survey at: