Aldershot Station improvements a step closer

Plans to improve Aldershot Station Transport Hub and the surrounding area have been approved by Hampshire County Council

Oct 8 2020

Councillor Rob Humby, Deputy Leader of Hampshire County Council and Executive Member for Economy, Transport and Environment, approved the scheme at his recent decision day.

Councillor Humby said: “This is an excellent example of effective partnership working between the County Council and Rushmoor Borough Council to deliver much needed improvements to the centre of Aldershot which will benefit so many people. 
“Proposed new housing development in Aldershot will mean more people travelling to and from the town on a daily basis. We are taking this opportunity to upgrade the roads around the train station and the forecourt itself to cope with this increased traffic and travel and aim to encourage people to make sustainable and active travel choices by improving local walking and cycling links.” 

Planned improvements include:
Accessibility improvements for pedestrians walking between the train station and Aldershot town centre or nearby residential areas;
New bus and taxi facilities directly outside the station;
Better access to the train station car park for vehicles and improved walking routes for pedestrians between the car park and the main station access;
Public realm improvements within the area of the station forecourt and its interface with the wider road network;
Highway maintenance improvements and renewals within the public highway in the area around the station forecourt;
The opportunity to implement mobility hub elements such as electric vehicle and cycle charging spaces, lockers for picking up deliveries etc will be investigated with stakeholders to see if they can be included or space safeguarded for them in the design but are not currently funded.

Work is scheduled to start in Spring 2021 with the aim of them being completed by Autumn 2021.

For more information please visit the scheme web pages: