County Council welcomes progress on exciting new community for Eastleigh

Hampshire County Council is welcoming news that work will go ahead to deliver much needed infrastructure and education provision in Hedge End and Botley

Sep 9 2019

The first of two major planning applications have been approved by Eastleigh Borough Council, to create over 600 new homes, a new secondary school (Deer Park School), community facilities and supporting infrastructure, on land owned by Hampshire County Council.  


Leader of Hampshire County Council, Councillor Keith Mans, said: “Approval of this planning application enables us to deliver much needed education and highway infrastructure for existing and new communities in the area. 


“The planning application for the housing and secondary school has taken account of the new Botley Bypass, which has already been granted planning permission. 


“Once completed, this sustainable community will reflect the great character of Hampshire as a place to live, work and thrive – offering high quality homes for local people, with access to excellent transport links, as well as a school place for children near to where they live.” 


The newly secured planning permission for the land west of Woodhouse Lane will enable the construction of a new secondary school, up to 605 new homes, together with public open spaces, community sport land, a local centre, additional rights of way and highway infrastructure.  


The County Council has been commissioned to oversee the design and construction of the school by the Department for Education (DfE). Wildern Academy Trust has been selected by the Secretary State of Education to operate the new free school which will be known as Deer Park School. The school will initially accommodate 120 pupils starting in Year 7, rising to 1,050 at full capacity. The school is expected to be complete by September 2021. 


The highway access works to support the opening of Deer Park School will include new and improved pedestrian and cycle links. Work is expected to commence on these new links in Autumn 2020. 


The Botley Bypass which is also being delivered by Hampshire County Council will consist of a widened section to Woodhouse Lane and a brand new 1.8 kilometre road that will pass through the north and east of the village to reduce through traffic, congestion, and improve air quality in the centre of Botley.  


The County Council will be inviting housing developers to come forward to develop the residential parts of the site in 2020. 


The second planning application to develop land north of Winchester Street to accommodate up to 375 new homes, public open space and allotments, is expected to be determined by Eastleigh Borough Council later this year.