Improvements to Woodhouse Lane South in Botley given the green light

Improvements to Woodhouse Lane South in Botley have been given the go ahead by Hampshire County Council

Mar 10 2020

At his recent decision day, Councillor Rob Humby, Deputy Leader of Hampshire County Council and Executive Member for Economy, Transport and Environment, approved recommendations to procure and construct works to Woodhouse Lane South which aligns to wider proposals to bypass traffic around Botley. 
These works will provide a widened carriageway as well as a shared footway/cycleway between A334 Maypole Roundabout and the Hilliers garden Centre to the north, and support the Uplands Farm Development to the north and provide improved access to the new Deer Park School.
Councillor Humby said: “I’m pleased to see good progress is being made on this scheme, which has significant local support. Once complete, a new bypass will remove significant amounts of through traffic from Botley Village, reducing noise and making a major contribution to improving local air quality. Funding has been allocated for all  elements of the bypass, which are planned to be completed over the coming years and will provide capacity to cope with the traffic from proposed developments  in the area providing transport and environmental benefits for both existing and new communities in the area.”
The works at Woodhouse Lane South, which will form the south western end of the Botley bypass, are estimated to cost around £4.5 million. 
The early implementation of this scheme complements the delivery of Uplands Farm Development infrastructure, offering cost advantages, and providing a further phase of the highway improvements necessary to achieve the effective diversion of traffic around Botley Village. Following the contract award anticipated to be later this year, the main construction works for Woodhouse Lane are due to commence in early 2021. 
For more information about the Botley Bypass visit the scheme web pages: