A35 at Holmsley re-opens as rail bridge replacement works enter the final phase

The A35 at Holmsley in the New Forest was re-opened to traffic on the morning of Monday 11 April

Apr 11 2022

Temporary four-way traffic signals have been set up at the junction with the two side roads, to the west of the new bridge, to protect both road users and the workforce while construction activity continues. 

The C10 Station Road is due to reopen a few days later, albeit as a single lane with two-way temporary traffic signals in place, while essential drainage improvement works are completed. 

Localised traffic management will be needed on both roads for various construction activities until the end of June when both the bridge and highway improvement works are expected to be fully completed. The 40mph temporary speed limit will remain in place on the A35 until then. 

For more information, visit the scheme web pages: www.hants.gov.uk/transport/transportschemes/holmsley-rail-bridge-replacement

Image courtesy of Knights Brown