Serving up support - HC3S continues to feed vulnerable and key worker children in Hampshire’s communities

Hampshire County Council’s award-winning catering service HC3S, is continuing to work alongside colleagues in schools, to ensure that vulnerable and key worker children receive nutritious meals during the Coronavirus pandemic

Apr 16 2020

The County Council’s Executive Member for Commercial Strategy, Human Resources and Performance, Councillor Stephen Reid, said: “The Coronavirus outbreak has meant that HC3S has had to adapt quickly to ensure that the most vulnerable children, those of key workers and those receiving free school meals, continue to do so in these unprecedented times.

“HC3S staff have pulled out all of the stops to produce and deliver nutritious meals for these young people in Hampshire and neighbouring counties whilst schools are partially or fully closed, and during holiday times. They’ve also done sterling work to put together daily or weekly food boxes to keep children at home fed.”

From 30 March 2020 to 10 April 2020, over 51,000 meals were delivered to schools across Hampshire.

Rescue Recipes and Food Hacks

HC3S is also sharing recipes and top tips online to help residents make the most of their food at home during the Coronavirus pandemic.

Councillor Reid added: “The Coronavirus pandemic has made many of us think differently about what ingredients we already have at home, and what we can buy, to make flavoursome and varied meals.

“HC3S has produced a great mix of online recipes and food tips to help everyone get the most of out of cupboard and fresh ingredients.”

Rescue Recipes have now been launched – recipes to help make ingredients in the cupboard stretch further when your usual items might not be readily available.

The first batch of rescue recipes include:

  • No flour or yeast bread
  • Super Green Soup
  • Spicy Sardine Pasta
  • Breakfast Tacos
  • Easy Paella

The recipes are listed on HC3S’s webpages regularly and also on the HC3S Education Catering Facebook page.

HC3S has also started frequent Food Hack posts to help share top tips on how to get the very best out of ingredients. For example, storing eggs in the fridge will help keep them fresher for longer – but not in the fridge door though, as the temperature fluctuates as when opened and closed.

The County Council’s Smart Living team also offers fantastic additional advice including how to plan portion sizes and how to make compost from food waste items.