Keeping safe during the cold snap

With another cold spell setting in across the county for the next few days, Hampshire County Council is reassuring residents that Hampshire Highways is salting roads to keep Hampshire moving while also encouraging people to follow health advice to stay safe and well

Jan 17 2023

Keeping warm when it’s cold

While Hampshire is experiencing freezing conditions, it is important to keep warm and healthy - eating at least one hot meal a day, wearing extra layers and exercising can help. Homes should be heated to a minimum of 18 degrees – anyone struggling to heat their home can get help and advice from the Hitting the Cold Spots scheme.  

Some people in our communities are at particular risk from the ill effects of the cold weather, which include heart attack, stroke, flu and other respiratory diseases as well as hypothermia, particularly for older residents and people with existing health conditions. Where possible, residents are encouraged to look out for their relatives or neighbours who may be vulnerable or unable to get out due to the weather.  If you are worried about your health or that of somebody you know, ring NHS 111.  

Road safety in winter

Motorists are reminded to take extra care and always drive according to the weather conditions - even on roads that have been treated with salt. Hampshire Highways is fully prepared for reducing the risk of road surfaces freezing across the county’s main routes: the county’s salt barns are well stocked, and the winter gritter fleet is ready to mobilise at short notice, 24/7. Earlier this year, all HGV gritter drivers received specialist training to equip them with the necessary advanced driving skills to operate the vehicles safely in wintry conditions. 

Communities can use salt from one of the thousands of blue or yellow bins across Hampshire for public roads and pavements. This can help to ‘join up’ salting from the main roads with smaller access roads and pavements. People can report if a salt bin needs refilling via the County Council’s website.

Further information

Details about salting routes and community salt bin locations is available on the County Council’s web pages.  

Visit the Government’s website for advice on clearing snow and ice from pavements.

For tips and advice about how to stay well this winter go to the NHS website.

Further advice and guidance about staying warm and well this winter can be found on the County Council's Keep Warm Keep Well web pages.