Historic heart of Winchester benefits from brand new road surface thanks to Hampshire County Council

The busy heart of Winchester now has a new road surface thanks to Hampshire County Council, ensuring a smooth driving experience for the city’s motorists for years to come

Mar 17 2022

Bridge Street resurfacing works

Earlier this month (March 2022) Hampshire Highways teams resurfaced Bridge Street.

Councillor Russell Oppenheimer, Hampshire County Council’s Executive Member for Highways Operations, said: “This section of road in central Winchester has to withstand heavy traffic from buses and other vehicles, day and night. As a result, the road surface was showing serious signs of distress which required an urgent solution.

“The resurfacing included the road over the historic City Bridge, an ancient monument and ancient crossing place at what was the eastern entrance to the city. Hampshire’s Archaeological service was consulted, and detailed procedures were agreed to ensure no damage was caused to this historic structure. 

“I would like to thank our Highways teams and our appointed maintenance contractor, Milestone Infrastructure Services Limited and their specialist surfacing sub-contractor, Aggregate Industries for making this job possible, and a complete success.”

This £130,000 project was undertaken by Hampshire Highways, a collaborative partnership between Hampshire County Council and their highway maintenance service provider, Milestone Infrastructure Services Limited.