Hampshire children put their best foot forward for Walk to School Week

​Hampshire County Council is taking steps to encourage parents and carers to leave the car at home and walk their children to school this week (20-24 May)

May 17 2019

Almost 95,000 Hampshire pupils have already signed up to walk to school as part of national Walk to School Week.  The aim is to see as many school children and their families as possible try walking to school, or part of the way, for the week; and afterwards choose to walk to school more often.

Walking to school can help children be more active and arrive at school more alert, improving general health and wellbeing, while at the same time easing congestion at the school gates at busy times. Walking to school can help teach children life-long road safety skills as they learn from their parents and carers how to cross roads and be aware of cars and cyclists.

Almost 400 schools in Hampshire are showing their support for Walk to School Week. A number of ‘led walks’ to schools will be taking place and all children taking part in Walk to School Week will contribute to a class wall chart and receive a certificate.

Hampshire County Council is encouraging young people to take part in Walk to School week as part of the County Council’s all year round initiatives to promote good road safety awareness among all those who use the roads.  One of these is the Junior Road Safety Officer (JRSO) programme which trains Year 5 and Year 6 children to be ambassadors for road safety at their schools.  JRSOs lead by example, and share their knowledge with their fellow pupils about the importance of safety when walking to and from school.

JRSOs advise their friends to follow six simple steps before crossing the road – the Green Cross Code:

  • First find a safer place to cross, then stop
  • Stand on the pavement, near the kerb
  • Look and listen for traffic and think about
    what you're doing
  • Wait until it’s safe to cross. If you are unsure,
    don't cross
  • Keep looking and listening as you cross the road
  • Walk straight across the road - don't run