County Council review of Hampshire’s Vision to 2050

A high level and long-term vision for the whole of Hampshire to 2050 has been reviewed by Hampshire County Council to ensure it remains robust and meaningful in its purpose to guide and contribute to the future prosperity and quality of life of Hampshire’s residents, while also protecting the environment and tackling climate change

Jul 19 2023

The County Council’s Cabinet (18 July) has approved a number of updates to policy statements and recommendations – made to ensure the Vision remains relevant and reflects the priorities for Hampshire’s future as a place and for its communities. 

Leader of Hampshire County Council, Councillor Rob Humby, said: “The Vision to Hampshire 2050 was borne from almost two years of in-depth examination, analysis and debate by a wide range of revered leaders in their field through a Commission of Inquiry in 2018-19.  Given the events of the past couple of years – not least the Covid pandemic, it has been important to make sure we remain focused on the right priorities for the benefit of Hampshire and our residents. I am very pleased to see that the Hampshire 2050 Vision is indeed standing the test of time, albeit with some relatively minor updates in the light of national policy changes and the economic climate. It will now be vital for each organisation in the Hampshire 2050 Partnership to commit to collaboratively undertaking the work necessary to make the vision a reality.”

The Hampshire 2050 Vision was first endorsed in 2019 following the conclusion of a Commission of Inquiry. Development, ownership and endorsement of the Vision is shared across a wide partnership including organisations in the sectors of health, education, and business, as well as other local councils. 

While the County Council undertook the review on behalf of the partnership, in its capacity as sponsor and lead partner, as a Hampshire-wide strategy, the report to Cabinet made clear that all partners will have an important role to play in delivering the Hampshire 2050 Vision. 

At their meeting on 18 July, the Cabinet Members were also asked to note the next steps for realising the Hampshire 2050 Vision over the coming years, which will first require bringing the partner organisations together (later in the Autumn) to identify how the Vision, that supports making Hampshire an even better place to live, work, play and visit, will be delivered and effect real and positive change – for the benefit of the next and future generations. 

Hampshire 2050 Commission of Inquiry

The independent Commissioners, from different backgrounds and areas of interest were brought together in 2018 to consider evidence, deliberate upon key issues and to make recommendations on a high level and long-term Vision for Hampshire to 2050.  The findings were endorsed at an Extraordinary meeting of Hampshire County Council on 23 September 2019. 

More information about the Commission of Inquiry can be found on the County Council’s website: