Help keep local food banks well-stocked

The NHS, councils, voluntary groups and community organisations are working together during the coronavirus outbreak to make sure we get help to those who need it most

May 14 2020

Many individuals and families who were already struggling now find themselves unable to afford food and basic essentials, and the vulnerable and those in isolation also may need extra support.

We're asking residents to add a couple of items to foodbank drop-off points found in many supermarkets when they're in store getting their own essentials.

The response from the community to the challenges presented by the coronavirus crisis has been overwhelming, with local groups and organisations coming together to distribute food and household essentials to those who need them.
You can help by continuing to donate to your local food banks when doing your weekly shop.  Donations of items such as these listed below are much needed, and gratefully received:
- Tinned items e.g. tomatoes, vegetables, baked beans, pasta, spaghetti, meat, fish, rice pudding, fruit;
- Pasta/rice/noodles;
- Soup;
- Cereal or porridge;
- Jam;
- Pasta and sauce meal packets;
- Biscuits;
- Teabags;
- Coffee.
Drop-off points are available in many of the larger supermarkets. There will be clearly marked boxes in which to place donated goods, and please observe the current Government guidance on social distancing and hygiene advice when donating.