County Council’s transport infrastructure programme is on track

Hampshire County Council’s programme of schemes to build new and improve existing transport infrastructure across the county continues to be on-track for 2021 to 2022- despite challenges arising as a result of the coronavirus pandemic

Nov 24 2021

Investment for 2021-22 is in the region of £150 million (including successful bids for Government funding). A report on progress - considered by the Deputy Leader and Executive Member for Economy, Transport and Environment, Councillor Rob Humby at his public decision day on 18 November – also highlighted how the programme has moved to further the County Council’s work towards tackling climate change – with the use of durable materials and design solutions to reduce carbon emissions, as well as developing walking, cycling and public transport schemes that aim to support the environment and more active and healthy travel choices.

Councillor Humby commented: “This is good news for Hampshire residents and businesses. It’s an extensive programme of countywide capital investment and the number and wide range of schemes within it is impressive, particularly considering the funding pressures that local authorities continue to face. The cost of construction is increasing due to a variety of factors, largely related to the pandemic, and we will need to do all we can to ensure that the planned improvements schemes can still be delivered against this background of rising costs across the whole country.

“I am delighted to see that across the Economy, Transport and Environment Department, we are able to continue to build for the future using sustainable means and construct schemes that will support Hampshire’s climate change targets to be Carbon Neutral by 2050 and resilient to a two-degrees rise in temperature.”

In noting the good progress being made, Councillor Humby agreed revised budgets for two transport improvement schemes: Old Lynchford Road in Farnborough and the Whitehill and Bordon Oakhanger Road/Station Road West scheme.

As the local authority responsible for waste disposal, the report confirms that a

feasibility study for upgrading recycling infrastructure to meet the anticipated requirements of the Environment Bill has been completed.

The Capital Programme report and appendices provide an update on the progress of transport, active travel (walking and cycling) and flood alleviation schemes underway across Hampshire including, for example:

North Hampshire


  • East Anton Bus Gate in Andover (£416,000)
  • Whitchurch Accessibility & Traffic Measures (£749,000)
  • Buckskin Flood Alleviation Scheme (£6.24 million)
  • Brighton Hill roundabout improvements, Basingstoke (£19.3 million)
  • North Camp, Farnborough growth package (£7.9 million)

    Central and South Hampshire


  • A31 Resurfacing between Winchester and Alresford (£3.4 million)
  • Farringdon and Chawton Flood Alleviation Scheme (£386,000)
  • Stubbington Bypass (£39.2 million)
  • Eclipse bus rapid transit extension (£11.2 million)
  • Botley Bypass
  • A35 Rebridge Causeway – road bridge refurbishment (£13.82 million
  • A326 Waterside improvements

Looking ahead, the report highlighted that meeting existing and future challenges will involve building on collaborative working arrangements with contractors and stakeholders with the aim of developing innovative, value-engineered solutions at reduced cost.