A winning class keeps Hampshire on its feet from Ringwood to Fleet

An exercise programme that aims to help prevent falls has relaunched 80 classes across the county to help older people regain their strength and balance, which may have dropped as a result of the pandemic. Steady and Strong classes, coordinated by Hampshire County Council, have proved a winner with over 65s who benefit by staying active and maintaining independence

Mar 15 2022

Councillor Liz Fairhurst, Hampshire County Council’s Executive Lead Member for Adult Services and Public Health, said, “We are delighted that these popular classes are helping older adults to rebuild strength and reduce the risk of falls. We know that almost 80,000 people in Hampshire aged 65 or over experience a fall every year. By maintaining strength and stability, people can continue everyday tasks such as getting out of a chair or picking something up from the floor more easily, so it’s vitally important to maintain the strength and stability to stay steady on our feet.”

The class format comprises a combination of seated and standing exercises with instructors who are specially trained to teach exercises which help to prevent falls in older people.

One participant commented, “It is definitely doing me good because as I continue to come, the aches and pains get less and less.”

The programme has grown from just 10 classes in 2012 to over 100 pre-pandemic and are continuing to build across the county. Online classes are also available.

As well as gaining confidence by staying physically active, participants who attend community sessions enjoy the opportunity to get together with others for a post-class cup of tea. People who are interested can search for a local class and call the instructor to book a place.