Stay independent for longer – find out what TEC (Technology Enabled Care) could do for you!

Hampshire County Council’s pioneering care technology is now available to any adult in Hampshire who may need a little bit of extra care support but doesn’t formally qualify for adult social care assistance or prefers to make their own private care arrangements

Jul 13 2023

The TEC (Technology Enabled Care) offer incorporates a wide variety of care technology designed to enhance independent living including:

  • Lifeline and pendant alarms with one touch S.O.S. buttons
  • falls detectors
  • location finders
  • epilepsy monitors
  • bed/chair occupancy sensors


All the technology is supported by a 24/7 friendly monitoring response service. There are a wide range of packages and solutions available, starting from as little as sixty pence per day, all with a variety of payment options.

Councillor Liz Fairhurst, Hampshire County Council’s Cabinet Lead Member for Adult Social Care and Public Health, said: “For many years, our very successful collaboration with the PA Consulting led Argenti Care Technology Partnership, has led the way nationally in the provision of Technology Enabled Care – or TEC for short - helping thousands of people to continue living independently and safely in their own homes, providing peace of mind to families and loved ones. To date, the technology has mainly been available to those who qualify for social care support, but now we want to offer this much more widely, so that many more people can benefit from the fantastic range of kit available on a private basis.”

She added: “TEC is a vital lifeline for many people in Hampshire, and with an ageing population, we believe that many more could benefit from the security and peace of mind a bit of technological help could bring.”

Over the last ten years, 36,000 people have been helped with TEC support from the County Council in collaboration with Argenti Care Technology Partnership who have been able to find a care technology solution that best works for an individual and those who care for them.

If you need some extra care support and want the additional reassurance that care technology can provide, or know a friend or relative that does, you can find more information on the Hampshire County Council website.

The service is available to all Hampshire residents. There is no need to undertake an assessment process. Residents can view the available products online, and once they have decided what equipment they would like to purchase, they can make an order online or over the phone.