Could you give the gift of a loving home this winter?

Hampshire residents keen to make a difference are being urged to consider fostering a vulnerable child in need of a loving home this winter and beyond

Nov 23 2023

Hampshire County Council’s new campaign follows the stories of a young couple, a retired teacher, and a couple whose son has just left home, as they embark on the very beginning of their fostering journeys. It inspires local residents to consider whether they too might be ready to take the very first steps in transforming the life of a child. 

Councillor Edward Heron, the County Council’s Executive Lead Member for Children’s Services, said: “The three stories in this campaign showcase some of the scenarios that most often prompt people to come forward and foster with us. While all very different, what the individuals have in common is the space in their lives and in their hearts to offer kindness and care to a child who needs it most. We hope that this new campaign will encourage more people to ask themselves whether they might also be at the right stage in their lives to provide the warmth and stability so needed by a child waiting for their foster family. I would urge anyone looking to give something back to their local community, to get in touch with us and begin their own fostering journey this winter.”

Anyone aged over 21 and from all walks of life can become a foster carer. The only requirement is a spare room – and of course, plenty of patience, resilience, open-mindedness and positivity. There are many different types of arrangements available, from full-time fostering to more flexible options that fit around home and work-life commitments.

Individuals who choose to foster with Hampshire County Council will benefit from excellent training, and generous allowances for each child or young person in their care. As well as a dedicated social worker who is there to support them every step of the way, foster carers can also sign up to be part of the Hampshire Hive, a support network of local groups which effectively create an ‘extended family’ for foster carers and looked after children in communities across Hampshire.  

To find out more about becoming a foster carer, visit the Hampshire County Council website and download an information pack, or call the fostering service on 01489 587052.