More transport choice and an improved built environment is at heart of new 10-year plan

A new local transport plan (LTP4) that aims to boost economic prosperity, reduce carbon pollution, help promote healthy lifestyles and build stronger communities is to be considered by Hampshire County Council

Feb 8 2024

Group of young people cycling along a coastal path

If adopted by the County Council, the Plan will influence and shape the way people travel over the next ten or more years.   

The Plan has the backing of the County Council’s Cabinet. At their meeting on 6 February, the Leader of the County Council, Councillor Rob Humby, commented: “This is a truly transformative new plan for how we will all move around Hampshire. I am delighted that so many people and organisations took the time to get involved in giving their feedback on the future of transport in Hampshire  by responding to our 12-week consultation. It is clear widening choice is absolutely necessary if we are to decarbonise our transport system and make it easier for people to walk, cycle or scoot, as well as make travel by public transport.”

Central to LTP 4 are the following two principles, which are intended to guide what the County Council does to improve travel and transport infrastructure for the future:

  • To widen the choice of travel options that people can use;
  • To provide a transport system that puts people first and creates high quality and prosperous places.
The plan finds a balance between the movement of vehicles with the needs of people. It sets out frameworks to guide future transport planning and the policies that would be applied to create thriving and attractive places where residents can travel around easily.

Proposed schemes for further development are also included in the plan such as the roll out of electric vehicle charging infrastructure, higher quality bus services in urban areas, better quality cycle facilities, changes to our roads to reduce congestion and improvements to high streets and town centres so they are more accessible and safer for shared use by pedestrians, cyclists as well as those pushing prams and those in wheelchairs. 

Cllr Humby also commented: “Transport is vital to the success of both Hampshire’s and the nation’s economy. Billions of pounds worth of exports travel through the county and so transportation relies heavily on journeys being straightforward and reliable. Town centres and high streets need to be accessible but, at the same time, they also need to be attractive and easy to walk around.   

“Hampshire encounters the same challenges as many other parts of the UK but, in recent years, we have not seen the same level of transport investment per person as London or in combined authority areas such as Greater Manchester. Having a new local transport plan in place will help make the case to Government for directing more funding towards Hampshire to make our transport system work better and that doing so would make good economic sense for the national economy.”

LTP 4 will be considered by full County Council at their meeting on 22 February. If agreed, the Plan will be adopted by the County Council – the local highways authority – as the principal transport policy document for at least the next ten years.