Hampshire County Council to sell buildings in Winchester

Hampshire County Council will shortly be marketing three sites in Winchester for sale - Three Minsters House, on the High Street, Four Chimneys Family Centre, near the Andover Road, and property on the County Council’s Monarch Way site, near the Romsey Road

Mar 19 2024

These buildings will close to staff later this year, and services run from these sites will be relocated to other County Council buildings in Winchester.

Many of the people working in County Council offices spend a significant proportion of time working directly in the community with people who need them – delivering local services such as social care to vulnerable children and adults, enabled by technology. Some staff are also working remotely, which has become a more frequent pattern since the Covid-19 pandemic. These changes have made it possible to accommodate the same number of staff in fewer buildings, providing an opportunity to make savings on running costs, and to ensure that the facilities available keep pace with changing patterns of use. 

Leader of Hampshire County Council, Councillor Rob Humby said: “We have always carefully monitored the use of our buildings to ensure they remain cost-effective, and to release savings whenever possible. We have been reviewing our office accommodation to understand the opportunities for further reductions, which will reduce recurring revenue costs and ensure the way we work remains efficient and effective. 

“It is vitally important that people can access public services near to where they live, and it’s crucial we maintain good public access where it’s needed. But when it comes to the functions that are delivered ‘behind the scenes’ in our offices, it makes sense to look at how these spaces fit our future needs. 

“We are keeping our staff, who are located in these buildings, regularly informed as plans progress. We always ensure relocations are made with minimal disruption to local services or to our residents.” 

Most of the services to be relocated are office functions that are not generally visited by the public. However, there are a few services in these buildings that are currently visited by local people. These services will be moved to other locations within Winchester that are accessible by public transport, and local people will still be able to use them.