Final decision confirmed on future of Peel Common Schools in Gosport

Hampshire County Council has taken the decision to amalgamate Peel Common Infant School and Nursery Unit, and Peel Common Junior School in Rowner, Gosport to create an all-through primary school and nursery unit from 1 January 2025. This will be achieved by closing the infant school and extending the age range of the junior school

May 14 2024

The decision follows an informal four-week public consultation in winter 2023 and, most recently, a four-week statutory consultation which closed on 26 March. This consultation process was undertaken at the request of both schools’ governing bodies which have raised growing concerns about low pupil numbers and the associated impacts on the schools’ respective finances, educational standards, and ongoing viability.

Councillor Heron commented: “Decisions of this nature are never easy and are always made, first and foremost, with the children’s best interests in mind. Having considered at length the significant challenges facing the two schools and the feedback received during both consultations, it is clear that a single primary school will ensure the most sustainable and effective educational outcomes for both current and future pupils in the local area. I am therefore satisfied that this is now the best and most viable way forward.

“Thank you to everyone involved for their continued patience and understanding throughout this process. We will continue to work closely with both schools in the coming months to ensure that all families and staff are fully supported as we transition to an all-through primary school. We will do all that we can to manage this process as smoothly as possible.”

The decision to close the infant school and extend the age range of the junior school follows a decline in pupil numbers in recent years, resulting in significant budget pressures to both schools. Moving forward, a single primary school will provide a stronger financial position, staffing structure and stable pupil numbers. It will also bring greater continuity in terms of how the curriculum is delivered and a more consistent approach to children’s learning and will remove the need for transition between Year 2 in the infant school to Year 3 in the junior school.

The primary school will cater for children aged three to 11 years and will accommodate one class of 30 pupils per year group, operating under one governing body. All existingchildren will automatically transfer to the single primary school from January 2025, and support will be provided to all staff members by the Local Authority in line with standard process.

The County Council will write directly to parents and school staff regarding the final decision in due course.

Full details of the decision can be found on the County Council’s website.