Hampshire sets out clear actions to reduce carbon emissions

Hampshire County Council’s Cabinet is set to reinforce its commitment to tackling the causes and impact of Climate Change when it is asked to agree an Action Plan 2020-2025, as part of the overall Climate Change Strategy. The Action Plan details how the organisation will strive to meet its carbon reduction and resilience targets and includes a new Framework which focuses on the significant programmes of activity needed

Sep 21 2020

Speaking ahead of the Cabinet meeting on 29 September, Councillor Keith Mans, Leader of Hampshire County Council, said: “The Action Plan and Framework shows how our ambitious approach and combined efforts can bring about significant progress in mitigating against, and building resilience to, climate change. We have the evidence, research and tools in place to focus on this challenge, and it is now absolutely imperative that everyone gets on board – from individual lifestyle changes to industries adopting new technologies. 

“Together, we can make the changes needed to bring carbon emissions in Hampshire down to net zero – but without national action and Government funding to support local initiatives, the County Council’s commitment alone is not enough. We can do so much more together – indeed, only by doing so will we have a chance of leaving the legacy we want for future generations.”

The County Council’s Cabinet will be asked to approve the Climate Change Action Plan and Framework 2020-2025.  It is based on a carbon baseline produced by the Carbon Trust which established that the greatest sources of emissions in Hampshire, and therefore where efforts must be focussed to reduce them.  These are from industry and commercial operations (38.89%), transport (36.98%) and housing, such as energy use and heating (23.66%)

Councillor Jan Warwick, Hampshire County Council’s Climate Change Advisor to the Executive said: “The Strategy, Action Plan and Framework provides clarity for our residents, communities, and partners on how the County Council will work to both make Hampshire more resilient to the impact of climate change and to meet carbon reduction targets.  It highlights our commitment to working with partners and other organisations, and the opportunities there are for others to get involved in helping us to deliver real change in Hampshire.

“It includes input from our collaborations with organisations, specialist groups and experts to better understand their priorities and capture ideas on how Hampshire can reach its carbon neutral target, and how we can all work together effectively to achieve this.”

Cabinet will also be asked to approve new decision-making tools, created by the Carbon Trust, designed to assess the carbon emissions and resilience impact of all significant decisions made by the County Council at the start of all projects. These tools provide a clear, robust, and transparent way of assessing how projects, policies and initiatives contribute towards the County Council’s climate change targets; and will ensure climate change considerations are built into everything the Authority does.

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