Hampshire County Council and University of Southampton working together to share expertise

Applying research and evidence to practice can make good public services even better – that’s the message from Hampshire County Council, as it embarks on a brand-new collaboration with the University of Southampton, to share research expertise across the two organisations

Oct 28 2019

Leader of Hampshire County Council, Councillor Keith Mans, said: “Our organisations are at the forefront of research and public service delivery and it is right that we continue to strengthen joint working for the benefit of Hampshire. Together we will do more to apply world-class research and innovation to solve ‘live’ issues which face communities. This could, for example, involve joining up with the University’s Economics Department to support a more equitable, happy and healthy society by 2050.” 

Hampshire County Council and the University of Southampton have established a Joint Working Agreement to strengthen existing collaboration, making it quicker and easier to get joint research projects off the ground.

The arrangement will also pave the way for more University students to undertake work placements with the County Council, further supporting knowledge exchange between the two organisations.

Vice Chancellor of University of Southampton, Professor Mark Smith, said:
"I’m very pleased to sign this agreement with Councillor Keith Mans which signals a new chapter in the relationship between the University of Southampton and Hampshire County Council. There are many synergies between our two organisations and the projects we’ve already engaged in together are bringing excellent opportunities for our researchers and students. I’m confident that, together, we can continue to enjoy a positive and collaborative working partnership that will bring many beneficial outcomes to the Council and the people of Hampshire. 

Hampshire County Council already has a Joint Working Agreement in place with Winchester University which is benefiting both organisations, University students and Hampshire residents.