Proposals to improve road safety on Fishers Hill in Fareham to be considered

Creating a safer and more comfortable environment for people living and travelling along a rural road in Fareham is the aim behind proposals to be considered by Hampshire County Council later this month

Nov 22 2023

The scheme, if agreed on Monday 27 November, would divert vehicle traffic away from Fishers Hill, which is used by some drivers as a short cut, onto more suitable routes by installing a gate. Emergency services and some other authorised vehicles would have access to a key to enable them to pass through the gate when required. Vehicular access would also be maintained to all properties along Fishers Hill.

Detailed assessment of the scheme, incorporating traffic surveys, together with analysis of the feedback from public consultations, including from residents who live on and closest to Fishers Hill, have informed the final scheme proposal. This would benefit non-vehicle users as well as residents of Fishers Hill who, for many years, have had to deal with the consequences of high traffic flows, and more than a road like this would normally be expected to accommodate.  
View the County Council Decision Day report here: 

A traffic filter (gate) was previously installed on Fishers Hill on 7 September 2020 and subsequently removed at the end of the Covid-19 lockdown periods in July 2021. Feedback was invited from the public whilst it was in place to inform a decision as to whether to retain the feature permanently. A second round of public consultation took place between January and March 2023. 
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