Pan-Hampshire County Deal

Hampshire County Council has today welcomed the clear steer and statement of intent from central Government, confirming the intention of Government to progress a single County Deal for the area, designed to bring significant investment into Hampshire’s economy and devolve other funding and powers currently held in Whitehall Departments

Jun 22 2023

The Leaders of Hampshire County Council, Portsmouth and Southampton City Councils and the Isle of Wight Council will now be invited to participate in negotiations with Government to move a potential Pan-Hampshire Deal forward. 

Leader of Hampshire County Council, Councillor Rob Humby, said: “We have always said that we want to achieve the most ambitious deal possible for the wider Hampshire area, and that the way to do that is collectively with our neighbouring Unitary Authorities. I am pleased that Government have recognised the importance of the whole region to potentially securing an additional £1.14bn of investment for our combined population of 2 million residents. 

“Pan-Hampshire is a genuine southern powerhouse, combining towns, cities, people, and businesses that are part of a nationally and internationally important economic area. A Pan-Hampshire County Deal would make a significant contribution to Hampshire’s economic prosperity. It would stimulate economic recovery, regeneration, and business growth across the Pan-Hampshire area, as well as the wider region, now and for the future – with the goal of making the Pan-Hampshire area better and stronger, and all the benefits this would bring to the people who live, work, and visit the area.”

“Through a County Deal, we want to deliver new powers for Pan-Hampshire, as well as lock in an additional £1.14bn investment by Government in our area over the next 30 years. Drawing down more decision-making powers to the people and places of Pan-Hampshire through a County Deal from Government would empower our local areas - so we can all decide how to keep our area prosperous and thriving for years to come.  This is a once in a generation opportunity to bring far reaching benefits for our residents, communities and business – improving people’s lives for decades to come.”

“We look forward to the next stages of discussion and urge our partners to actively support and engage with the potential benefits to all residents of a Pan-Hampshire approach. It is imperative that we do not squander this opportunity to lay the strongest foundations for economic prosperity possible for our residents now and long into in the future.”  

The Pan-Hampshire area covers Hampshire County Council, Southampton and Portsmouth City Councils, the 11 district and borough councils within the County Council administrative area and the Isle of Wight Council.