Proposal to extend tip permits for North Hampshire residents

Hampshire County Council Leader, Councillor Keith Mans, will be considering a proposal next week, to extend the transitional arrangements with West Berkshire to enable permit holding residents in the north west of Hampshire to continue to use the Newtown Road Household Waste Recycling Centre (HWRC) in Newbury for a further year

Jul 23 2020

Councillor Mans said: “Demand has been high at Hampshire’s HWRCs which were reopened as soon as the Government lifted the travel restrictions put in place in March, to help stop the spread of coronavirus. We appreciate that many people used their time industriously during lockdown to get on with gardening and home improvement projects, while at the same time, unfortunately, some district councils paused their kerbside green waste collections.

“With new covid-safe measures in place at the HWRCs, we’ve needed to manage access through a booking system, limiting repeat visits and doing our best to make sure residents can gain access to an HWRC slot if they need to. After some initial adjustments, the booking system is now working well. However, we know that demand is exceptionally high at the sites serving the north and north west of the county, and that it can be more difficult for people to book a slot at the HWRCs in that area.

“Therefore, at my Policy and Resources Decision Day on 29 July, I will be considering proposals which could see the permit scheme extended for one more year – allowing residents with access permits in north west Hampshire to continue to use West Berkshire’s Newtown Road HWRC.”

The recommendation to be considered seeks approval to enter into a temporary arrangement with West Berkshire Council, jointly funded by Hampshire County Council and Basingstoke and Deane Borough Council, to ensure access to the Newbury HWRC is maintained for permitted residents in north west Hampshire until 31 July 2021. 

Councillor Mans will also consider a review of the feasibility of a potential site for an HWRC at Kingsclere, including consideration of the land interests and other specific site issues, as well as the wider operational context and considerations, to inform a potential business case for a new HWRC facility serving north west Hampshire.

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