Sterling response to Covid-19 from Hampshire schools

Hampshire County Council has commended the county’s schools and early years providers for their positive response to the government’s call to remain open for vulnerable and key worker children

Mar 23 2020

Councillor Roz Chadd, the County Council’s Executive Member for Education and Skills, said: “Schools, early years’ educators and childcare providers have been magnificent in responding to the Government’s call to remain open for vulnerable and key worker children. 
“We are also grateful to the parents and carers who are not critical workers and are caring for their children at home in order to help prevent the spread of Coronavirus, protect the NHS and, ultimately, save lives.
“We are continuing to support Hampshire schools and will be closely monitoring what is happening to ensure that we maintain that support, as far as possible, in the weeks and months ahead.”
Government guidance states clearly that at least one parent needs to be a critical worker for their child to have access to schooling. All other pupils should stay at home unless they absolutely must be placed in a school.
Therefore, if one parent is a critical worker and one is not and the pupil can be kept at home safely, then they should.
The guidance ensures those workers that are critical to the continuation of critical services have access to childcare and can continue to send their children to education settings. If parents cannot keep their child safe at home, then their children will be prioritised for education provision. Parents should not rely on vulnerable groups such as elderly grandparents of those with underlying health care needs to provide childcare.
However, the Government has stated that it is essential that households take into consideration the pressures that schools, nurseries and colleges will face. They advise that parents should make decisions based on their own personal circumstances.