Maintaining vital support for Hampshire’s unpaid carers

A new, single countywide carers support service starting in September is set to offer help to Hampshire carers over the age of 18 looking after someone with a long term health condition, including dementia, and those looking after a person with a physical or learning disability

May 17 2024

The new service will provide a wide range of assistance comprising information and advice, direct one-to-one support where carers’ needs are more complex, and contingency and emergency planning, helping carers to prepare plans in the event of an emergency and being unable to look after their loved one. 

In approving funding of up to £7million for the new service over five years, which will replace the two separate support service contracts currently in place, Councillor Liz Fairhurst, the County Council’s Lead Cabinet Member for Adult Services and Public Health, said: “Carers are an extremely important group of people.  They provide essential support, compassion and care for loved ones and friends, enhancing their quality of life while at the same time helping to ease the burden on healthcare systems and social services. Recognising and supporting them is an absolute priority as our population ages and a growing number of children with complex disabilities live into adulthood.  Timely support for carers is very much about ensuring they are able to take on and sustain their caring role, while maintaining their own health and wellbeing.”

The 2021 Census identified 111,739 unpaid carers in Hampshire, although according to the Office for National Statistics the numbers are likely to be much higher than the Census figures indicate. 

Further information about the local support available for the county’s carers is available on Connect to Support Hampshire, the online resource for adults in Hampshire to support independent living.