Changes to permits for North Hampshire residents using West Berkshire tips

Hampshire County Council’s Executive Member for Economy, Transport and Environment, Councillor Rob Humby, will be examining the rationale and annual costs involved for allowing some Hampshire residents living near the West Berkshire border, to continue to access to the Newtown Road Household Waste Recycling Centre (HWRC) site in West Berkshire

Jun 24 2020

Councillor Rob Humby said: “The cost of dealing with household waste and running our HWRC network is significant, and we need to look carefully at all our costs to ensure value for money for all of Hampshire’s council taxpayers.  We’ve analysed the costs of paying West Berkshire Council over the past years we’ve run this transitional permit scheme for a small group of residents in North East Hampshire, allowing them to access West Berkshire Council’s HWRC in Newbury, at no cost to themselves, but the costs involved mean that effectively every household in Hampshire is subsidising this arrangement.  We need to carefully consider if it is the right thing to do to continue to subsidise a service for residents in one part of the county at the expense of everyone else.”

Hampshire County Council has the largest network of HWRCs in the country; however, there are areas across Hampshire where residents need to travel more than 10 miles to their nearest HWRC. The County Council has sought to agree with neighbouring councils responsible for waste disposal a consistent approach to cross border use of HWRCs, but this has not proved possible and many now only allow visits from residents living within their administrative area.

In Hampshire, HWRCs remain open to all, in recognition of convenience, but non-residents will be charged a fee per visit as a contribution towards the costs.

Hampshire County Council had historically made a payment to West Berkshire so that residents in North West Hampshire could use West Berkshire’s Newtown Road HWRC in Newbury, and when Hampshire County Council adopted a new strategy for cross-border HWRC use, these payments stopped.  A transitional arrangement was introduced in 2015 for an initial one year period, after West Berkshire Council introduced a scheme limiting use of HWRC facilities in West Berkshire to residents only, to enable local residents to become accustomed to the new arrangements. The scheme has been extended and has now cost a total of £945,000 for these 5,000 households in North West Hampshire to use the Newbury HWRC.

The recommendation being considered by the Executive Member for Economy, Transport and Environment at his Decision Day on 2 July is to cease payments to West Berkshire Council and introduce the charge for non-Hampshire residents on 31 July.  West Berkshire Council have indicated that they will no longer allow Hampshire residents to use the Newtown Road HWRC from 1 August 2020 if the County Council payment stops.  The nearest HWRCs for residents of North West Hampshire are at Andover and Basingstoke.

The full report is available at:

Ideas and advice on reducing household waste area available on the County Council’s Smart Living website