Check, Change, Go – Hampshire businesses urged to get ready for UK’s exit from the EU

Hampshire County Council is urging Hampshire businesses to check they are ready for the UK’s exit from the EU on 31 December and access any help they need in good time

Nov 24 2020

Councillor Rob Humby, Deputy Leader Executive Member for Economy, Transport and Environment at Hampshire County Council, said: “Hampshire has a thriving economy, and we want to do all we can to help local businesses get ready for the new rules for businesses from 1 January 2021. Hampshire is ranked as the most export intensive county in the country and over a fifth of all South East exports come from Hampshire, so the UK’s exit from the EU will impact on all sorts of industries. Businesses need to act now and prepare to ensure their business operations aren’t interrupted.”

UK businesses are urged to visit the Government’s web page at: where a checker tool is available to help businesses identify what actions they need to take.  This includes new rules on imports and exports, travelling abroad for work and hiring staff from the EU.

Businesses can sign up to receive updates via this web page and also access free webinars to help check the new rules and understand what actions need to be taken.  These are available by sector or topic online  

Hampshire and the Isle of Wight export £24bn of goods and services annually (26% of all exports from the South East) with 47% of exports destined to the EU markets.

Independent research by Oxford Economics suggests that exports account for about 37.8% of Hampshire’s output and on this measure Hampshire is the most export intensive county in the UK.