Non-essential construction and maintenance work suspended during Coronavirus outbreak

Hampshire County Council is directing all available highways resources to emergency and safety related work on the road network during the Coronavirus outbreak

Mar 26 2020

This means that, once sites have been made safe, all non-essential work on road construction sites, including new schemes and planned highways maintenance works, will be temporarily suspended. 


Hampshire County Council’s Deputy Leader, Councillor Rob Humby, said: “Our primary concern is protecting the safety of residents and our workforce and their families. It is clear that it is very difficult for people to carry out aspects of highways work safely, away from residents, while observing ‘social distancing’ measures and working two metres apart from one another. We also need to consider what is essential travel at this time and prioritise emergency and safety highways works.”


Hampshire County Council is working with all its contractors on measures to wind down sites for all non-essential road schemes to a point where they can be safely suspended.

The County Council’s Property Services team is working with contractors to ensure essential maintenance and support services continue in order to keep buildings operating safely and effectively but is suspending all non-essential maintenance works until a review of activity is completed. Some works may resume where it is safe to do so and compliance with Government and industry guidelines can be achieved. Following Government guidance, and where work can continue in line with Public Health advice on social distancing, work will continue on both new and existing projects at stand-alone construction sites where they are away from the public highway.

The temporary suspension of road schemes and property maintenance, and the continuation of work on stand-alone construction sites, will be kept under regular review.

For further information on staying at home to stop Coronavirus spreading, go to: