Standing shoulder to shoulder with the people of Ukraine

As conflict in Ukraine continues into another week, Hampshire County Council has expressed solidarity with the nation’s people – and stated its preparedness to support the UK Government if called on to help the unfolding humanitarian crisis

Mar 1 2022

Leader of Hampshire County Council, Councillor Keith Mans said: “As the world watches events unfold further in Ukraine, across Hampshire we all send our thoughts and prayers to the Ukrainian people, including those who are living in Hampshire. None of us would have expected to have seen such hostilities in Europe in these modern times, and we condemn the attacks on Ukraine’s innocent citizens. 
“Hampshire County Council, in common with the rest of the country, is watching the concerning situation in Ukraine and stands in solidarity with the Ukrainian people and communities affected by this conflict. Should Government seek our support, we will assist as needed - building on our experience of supporting refugees and evacuees from previous conflicts.”

How you can help

Many national and international aid organisations have set up appeals to help support and protect people caught up in this conflict.

Visit the websites of organisations such as the British Red Cross or UNICEF to find out how you can help.