Parents and carers urged to remember online safety during the pandemic response

Hampshire County Council is calling for parents and carers to remain vigilant about online safety during lock down, highlighting the Government’s latest advice which sets out a four point plan of action that parents and carers should take

Apr 28 2020

Councillor Patricia Stallard, the County Council’s Executive Lead Member for Children’s Services and Young People, comments: “Helping children and young people to stay safe while online is a perpetual challenge for parents and carers and even more so when the amount of time spent online increases.

“The benefits of being able to connect with each other via the internet and using the latest technology are enormous. However, with this comes a risk that exposure to cyberbullying, disinformation and grooming is greater with children and young people using the internet, unsupervised, for both education and entertainment while schools are closed and everyone is being asked to #StayAtHome to help prevent the spread of Covid-19. I welcome the Government’s latest guidance in helping to avert any threat to a child or young person’s safety."

The national guidance recommends reviewing security and safety settings, checking facts and guarding against disinformation, being vigilant against fraud and scams, and managing the amount of time spent online.

One of the most effective methods of keeping young people safe online is to raise awareness. This can be done by parents/carers having conversations about what online activities the children are engaging in and the safeguards they are taking.

Online safety guidance, advice and resources are also available from the County Council for parents, carers, young people and professionals within schools. It includes resources about relevant online issues. Other helpful sources of advice are Parentzone, the NSPCC and the UK Safer Internet Centre, as well as the Digital Parenting Magazine.