Hampshire Highways uses lockdown to ramp-up road repairs and maintenance

Thousands of metres of Hampshire’s roads have been improved, maintained and repaired, as Hampshire Highways teams have made the most of reduced traffic during the Covid-19 lockdown to press on with their annual programme of works to make the roads more resilient.

Jun 30 2020

Councillor Rob Humby, Deputy Leader and Executive Member for Economy, Transport and Environment at Hampshire County Council, said: “These last few months have been difficult and challenging on many levels. When it comes to looking after Hampshire’s roads, we’ve had to deal with issues in the construction supply chain affecting the availability of materials, as well as a whole new set of processes and procedures to enable teams to continue working safely while respecting social distancing, and keeping Hampshire’s residents safe.


“Our highways teams have used the time well over the past three months, carrying out maintenance work across the county, and changing schedules so that planned work near schools and businesses was completed when there was less traffic on the roads, thereby keeping disruption to a minimum. Our teams have also been working closely with utility companies to reschedule works that could otherwise have caused significant disruption during busier times.”


Between March and May 2020, Hampshire Highways completed:

  • 17,000 defect repairs
  • The clearance of 55,000 gullies, catch-pits, weir kerbs and grips
  • 280,000 sqm of surface treatment
  • Repainting 232,000 metres of lines
  • Cleaning 30,000 signs


Councillor Humby continued: “As well as highways maintenance, highways teams have been supporting Hampshire through Covid-19 in a number of ways, including helping set up a warehouse used for the distribution of PPE and other essential equipment. Once we started to move into the stabilisation phase of recovery, after the initial lockdown, Highways teams have been helping manage the traffic demand at HWRC sites and also installing ‘pop-up’ measures for sharing road space, allowing people to safely carry on with the walking and cycling habits they had developed over the past three months.”


All highways maintenance work on Hampshire’s roads is carried out in line with the Construction Leadership Council’s Site Operation Procedures, which is based on Public Health England guidance.