Serving Hampshire’s residents – County Council pledges ongoing international links

Following the UK’s departure from the European Union on Friday, the County Council is emphasising that Hampshire remains open for business as it continues to foster international links for the benefit of the people of the county

Feb 3 2020

Leader of Hampshire County Council, Councillor Keith Mans, said: “Hampshire is well placed to benefit from new trade agreements the Government is seeking to secure. We are also looking beyond Europe to cultivate stronger international connections and strengthen the region’s trade links. The Ports of Southampton and Portsmouth are gateways to international markets, serving our European neighbours, and securing national investment in Hampshire’s strategic transport infrastructure is even more critical now - not only for the local economy but also for import and export business affecting the whole of the country.”

Councillor Andrew Joy, Hampshire County Council’s Executive Member for Communities, Partnerships and External Affairs, said: “Hampshire County Council is keen to support the Government as it establishes a new partnership with Europe, to advance security and prosperity for both UK and EU citizens, and rightly acknowledges the enduring common bonds with Europe which will continue to shape our shared values and interests. We will continue to work with European networks to maximise future economic and cultural opportunities for Hampshire and the wider region.

“Hampshire is very much in business, not just at home but further afield and we are forging and developing economic, cultural and intellectual ties in Europe and beyond.”