Amalgamation of Weyford Schools is decided

Agreement has been given to the amalgamation of Weyford Infant School and Nursery with Weyford Junior School to establish an all-through primary school.

Jan 18 2017

Hampshire County Council’s Executive Member for Education, Councillor Peter Edgar, formally approved the recommendation at a decision meeting held on 18 January 2017, having taken account of the wishes of the two schools, and responses to the public consultation and statutory public notice.

Councillor Edgar, commented: “I am very happy to decide in favour of amalgamating these schools. They are good schools and I admire their commitment to working in a way that prioritises children’s progress. I fully support both schools’ ambition to raise pupil outcomes in primary education. It is encouraging to see such a positive approach and the way in which the governing bodies of both schools have been supportive of this move.”

In order to move to an all through school there are statutory processes that need to be completed which include formally discontinuing Weyford Infant School and Nursery. This does not mean the physical closure of the school but requires the completion of legal documentation.

The day-to-day operation of the schools, in their current locations, will change very little. However, the governance and leadership will be restructured to create one governing body and one senior leadership team that would meet the needs of an all through school (4 – 16 years of age).

It is anticipated that the all-through primary school will be operational from 1 September 2017, providing a 630 place primary school, over the two sites, for pupils aged four to 11 years, together with pre-school provision for two to four year olds.