Hampshire’s Supporting Families Programme is turning lives around

More than 4,500 families in Hampshire have been helped during phase two of the county’s Supporting Families Programme, with over 700 experiencing significant improvement in their circumstances

Mar 25 2019

In addition, an independent evaluation by Solent University shows that between 2015-19, the support given to families to get back on their feet successfully, translated into savings or costs avoided of £27million to the public purse. 

Councillor Patricia Stallard, Hampshire County Council’s Executive Member lead for the Supporting Families Programme, said: “Our programme which brings together a wide range of Hampshire agencies including county and district councils, the Police, voluntary sector, Health and the Probation Service has transformed the way services are delivered to families across the county. This has resulted in hundreds of families who might otherwise have faced a lifetime of disadvantage, now having a brighter future.” 

“The concerted efforts of all the agencies involved, and the way in which we are now working together, is reaching the families most in need, promoting trust from the families with whom we work who say they value the support being provided.” 

“Although there is always more to do, there is clear evidence that our programme is working, helping families to live more productive lives while reducing demand for high cost interventions from the county’s public services.” 

Hampshire’s Supporting Families Programme began in 2012, as part of a national initiative to support families facing multiple issues such as persistent unemployment, poor education, poor health, crime and antisocial behaviour, domestic violence and young people failing to thrive. 

The programme takes a ‘whole family’ approach involving everyone in the family including grandparents, parents, young people and children. It allows families to build on their strengths while helping them to overcome some of the concerns, difficulties, challenges or obstacles they may have in their lives.