Changes to Hampshire’s household waste permit scheme for large vans

From 1 June 2019, residents wishing to use vans, pick-ups or large trailers to transport their domestic waste to Hampshire’s household waste recycling centres (HWRCs) will need to pay for a permit to register these larger vehicles

May 16 2019

The non-trade permit scheme for vans and trailers was first introduced in 2008 so that Hampshire residents could use a van, pick-up or trailer longer than 1.8m to transport their own household waste for disposal, while restricting use of the sites for commercial purposes.

The permit will cost £15 and will be valid for 12 months or 12 visits, and provides access for vans and larger vehicles at any of the 24 HWRCs across Hampshire.
This fee has been introduced to enable continued access for large vans and trailers to HWRCs as a contribution towards the cost of providing a permit, against a backdrop of growing demands for council services, further reductions in government funding, rising costs and inflation.

Separate arrangements are in place at Hampshire’s HWRCs for traders and businesses to dispose of commercial waste on a chargeable basis, depending on the scale and type of waste.

All HWRCs have an accessible parking bay for blue badge holders.  Blue badge holders will also now require a permit if they wish to use a larger commercial-type vehicle for their household waste.

This non-trade van permit charge applies to Hampshire HWRCs and to Southampton City Council’s City Depot HWRC but not Portsmouth City Council’s HWRC at Paulsgrove.

Residents wishing to apply for a permit can do so at:

Information on commercial waste charges for businesses is available at: