Cha-cha-cha into healthy old age in Chandler’s Ford

A new community class aimed at helping the over 65s to keep active through dance and avoid falls is starting in Chandler’s Ford in September

Aug 12 2019

The Steady and Strong Dance class, which will take place at St Boniface Church, is part of an innovative programme introduced by Hampshire County Council, in partnership with The Point, Eastleigh, to help older people keep moving and stay independent.

Councillor Judith Grajewski, Executive Member for Public Health at the Local Authority, said, “Older people often lose the strength and stability they need for everyday movements such as getting in and out of the car, walking upstairs or picking something up from the floor. It’s so important to keep active as you get older and these very popular weekly classes not only keep people mobile but are a great place to make new friends. No dance experience necessary!”


Around 80,000 people over 65 in Hampshire experience a fall each year, some of them resulting in a fracture which can cause loss of independence.

The Steady and Strong Dance instructors have undertaken specialist training to teach movements which help to improve strength and balance and prevent falls. The classes combine these movements with the creativity and energy of dance.

The new class will run in Chandler’s Ford every Thursday from 10.30-11:30am at St Boniface Church, Hursley Road, starting on 5 September 2019.

People wishing to attend should call Nicola Kelly, Falls Prevention Coordinator at Hampshire County Council on 01962 846605 to book a place.

The first Steady and Strong Dance class, which runs at The Point, received very positive reviews from the people attending.

"This class to music has finally got me exercising at home too. My posture has also improved, according to my friends, and I look forward to taking a short walk most days."

"I think the Steady and Strong Dance class has been beneficial to me. My main problem is balance and I feel it has helped. The teacher is very good and understanding and I will be coming again in September."