Could you provide a stable and loving home for a vulnerable adult?

Hampshire County Council is looking for people for whom caring comes naturally, and can provide a stable home environment for adults with health and social care needs - who need extra support to live in their communities and enjoy an independent life

Feb 3 2017


A Shared Lives Carer offers a ‘family’ home to a person with either a learning or physical disability, who is living with mental health issues, or is elderly and frail and unable to live independently on their own. 

Councillor Liz Fairhurst, Hampshire County Council’s Executive Member for Adult Social Care, said: “Many thousands of people look to the County Council for support each year, to help them to live independent lives, and we want to support them to do so in the most appropriate way. This means understanding that different approaches work for different people. Shared Lives caring is a very different way of supporting people who want to live independently in the community, but who need help to do so.”

“Shared Lives carers are very special people who open their homes to others who are not able to live on their own.  Every Shared Lives carer brings their own unique skills and experience, but what all carers have in common, is a desire to help people – and room at home to do so.”

Hampshire County Council’s Shared Lives scheme ‘matches’ people who need support with carers who have been approved by the scheme. Carers will help those they care for to develop or maintain independent living skills, friendships and inclusion in their community. They are able to work flexibly around their own commitments and provide:

  • Short breaks - such as a weekend or when a family carer needs a break, or
  • Long term care - having a person living with them on a long term basis

Anyone interested in becoming a carer will be assessed to ensure the scheme is right for them, and will receive full training, regular support and a weekly allowance.

Who can be a carer?

  • couples or singles
  • with or without children
  • young or not-so-young

For more information visit the Shared Lives web pages.