Fareham Library to be modernised as part of major refurbishment

Fareham Library will be modernised as part of a major refurbishment by Hampshire County Council to create more vibrant, welcoming and relevant public spaces.

Jan 4 2017


The library in Osborn Road will be closed temporarily for the works as part of a commitment made within the Library Strategy to reinvest £500,000 a year from the Book Fund until 2020 into library buildings and technology.

Councillor Andrew Gibson, the County Council’s Executive Member for Culture, Recreation and Countryside, said: “The new and refurbished facilities will add so much more to Fareham Library, which plays a vital role in the local community and offers so many valuable services to residents. It is important that we invest in our buildings and meet the changing demands of customers and make the most of emerging technology. During the temporary closure, customers at Fareham will be given extended loan periods for their books, as well as the usual option to use services online or from neighbouring libraries to help avoid any inconvenience.”

Fareham Library will close from 6 February and re-open on or around 18 April. A new café will be installed and two new community spaces will be created which can be used by the County Council and partners for small meetings or consultations.

The library will also have a new space kitted out with IT, coding tools and equipment to help customers develop new skills which will make them more digitally aware and confident in using new technology. The space will be launched shortly after the Fareham Library has re-opened and if successful will be used as a model for future libraries. 

Customers will be able to borrow extra books prior to 6 February, and books will not be subject to fines or charges during the period of closure. Nearby libraries also remain available, and the increasingly popular e-book and e-magazine service is also available at www.hants.gov.uk/library

Citizens Advice at Fareham will continue to operate during the temporary closure with the service being accessed via its own entrance.