Could you offer a home to a vulnerable adult?

This Shared Lives Week, Hampshire County Council is reminding residents that life is better shared, and encouraging them to join the County Council’s growing Shared Lives family

Jun 19 2019

Shared Lives is a scheme which links people who need help and support to live in the community, with Shared Lives carers who can provide that help and support in their own home. 

Councillor Liz Fairhurst, Executive Member for Adult Social Care and Health said: “We currently have just over 110 Shared Lives carers across the county, sharing their homes and lives with more than 230 individuals in need of care and support. 

“Opening your home to someone can seem daunting, which is why we take special care to appropriately match Shared Lives carers and those wanting to participate in a Shared Lives stay, ensuring that they have time to get to know each other before their Shared Lives arrangement officially begins. The feedback we’ve received from both sides has been very positive, with many people building close, lasting friendships.

“Shared Lives is a highly effective way to be supported within a loving and stable home, which in turn supports people to connect to their local communities, improving their wellbeing and independence.” 

A Shared Lives carer offers a ‘family’ home to a person who is living with a learning disability or physical disability, experiencing a mental health condition, or who is elderly and frail and unable to live independently on their own. For those who are assessed as eligible for social care, Shared Lives provides a permanent home, a short stay, or day care in an ‘ordinary’ home in the community.

A Shared Lives carer could support someone with a short break or have a person living with them on a long-term basis, and can be either a couple or single, with or without children, and be any age over 18. Carers will be assessed to ensure the scheme is right for them and will receive full training, regular support and a weekly allowance.  

For anyone interested in finding out more about becoming a Shared Lives Carer, please call 01329 316861 or e-mail You can also visit the County Council’s website at: 

If you or someone you know is eligible for social care and is interested in having a Shared Lives stay, please contact the County Council’s Adults’ Health and Care department on 0300 555 1386.