Drivers and Cyclists urged to be more aware of each other in safety campaign

Hampshire County Council has launched a campaign to encourage cyclists and drivers to be more aware of each other to stay safe on Hampshire’s roads.

Mar 8 2017

Councillor Rob Humby, Executive Member for Environment and Transport at Hampshire County Council, said: “Cycling is becoming more popular across the country, but we are, sadly, also seeing an increase in accidents involving cyclists on our roads. We can all do our bit to make the roads as safe as possible for everyone who uses them.  Whether you’re driving or cycling, being aware of what’s going on around you can make all the difference. I’d ask both cyclists and drivers to make sure they can be seen, that they signal intended manoeuvres and avoid any unexpected actions.”

Most accidents involving cyclists happen on week days, with 39% during rush hour indicating a need for both drivers and cyclists to increase their awareness during the busy daily commute to work or college. People also need to be particularly mindful of others at junctions – over 70% of cyclist casualties occur at junctions (crossroads, roundabouts, junctions and driveways) and 83% of these involve a car.

Cllr Humby continued: “If you’re cycling, remember to ride a door’s width from parked cars, and look and signal to show drivers what you plan to do.  If you’re driving, look out for cyclists at junctions and always leave them enough room to manoeuvre when you’re overtaking them.”