So much more than books!

Job seekers can find their role at the library

Nov 10 2016

Libraries offer more than books

“Do you want to be a part of a journey of discovery where every day brings new and exciting challenges? If you are inspired by the power of reading, have a desire to support the development of digital literacy along with a passion to help people to lead happier and healthier lives, if you’re more likely to say ‘come on in, how can I help’ rather than sshh…then we need you to be part of our Hampshire Libraries workforce.” says Helen Bryant, Strategic Manager for Hampshire Libraries.

Libraries are embracing positive change to make them fit for the future. Now the search is on for people with good interpersonal and customer service skills to share their love of the library with the community. A recruitment drive for Library Customer Services Assistants is underway, looking for the right individuals.

If you haven’t visited a library in a while you may not fully appreciate how wide the offer from libraries is, from cafes to coding clubs, from leisure courses to kids building block construction days, and anything and everything to do with reading for all. This requires the right kind of people to work in a modern library. A Library Customer Services Assistant needs to provide a welcoming environment, promote services, assist customers with all matters digital, plan and deliver interactive activities, assist with the management of book stock, and much more.

Library Customer Service Assistant Daniel Wills says:
“Customer Service is the most important thing we do, making sure customers feel welcome will mean they keep coming back.

“It’s all about learning, and I feel a lot more confident now, especially with my IT skills. The team is great, friendly and passionate. You feel supported, I feel like what I’m doing really counts.”

Library Team Manager Dan Oliver says:
“This is a career about making a difference in people’s  lives. Libraries are like the ‘living room’ of the high street - they are a fantastic and dynamic hub for communities.

“Encouraging children and adults alike, to read participate in courses, crafts and of course reading, can have a dramatic effect on people’s well being. It feels great to be a part of it.”

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